Wednesday, 9 October 2013

3 Steps to More Meaningful Data

You’ve probably read in various blogs that despite all the hype, big data without the right analytics and visualisation is meaningless. For example, 70% of business intelligence projects fail due to a focus on the sheer scale of data as opposed to the purpose and meaning behind it.

Our whitepaper on Meaningful Data talked about how you can turn your data into your most valuable asset, by ensuring it is made clear and relevant to the decision makers that need to see it.

But how do you know when your data is meaningful?

1) Are you clear about what answers you need from your data and what questions you need to ask of it in order to get closer to your answers?

2) Have you evaluated all the sources and pulled data in where necessary to fully understand your business problem?

3) Has your data crossed the border from the realm of the geeks into something that tells a story and will be clear, engaging and convincing to the decision makers within your organisation?

These are just some of the points we will be covering in Econsultancy’s Festival of Marketing tomorrow where Rob, our Chief Data Scientist, goes into detail about you can address each of the above points and ensure your data is taken from the geeks to those who need it.

If you can’t make the event, keep an eye out on our website for a recording of the presentation on why data isn’t just for geeks.

What data really needs it a story behind it, which will take it from the IT team and the data scientists to something understandable by everyone in your organisation.